Drawing on extensive experience with the twin rudder ‘Bénéteau Figaro 2’ and developed in partnership with Sea Ventures UK with over a year of prototyping and refinement onboard the Jeanneau Sun Fast 3300.  The E BAR, developed and produced by Fourth Cape Ltd. fuses a combination of light weight carbon tube with precision engineering to allow smooth rudder toe in/out adjustment whilst sailing. 

The remotely adjusted, steering link bar controls the toe in/out setting onboard boats with twin rudders which require adjustment to minimise drag and maximise control, whilst correct rudder toe provides improved handling – all elements increase average speeds.

> IRC compliant
> Light weight carbon fibre steering bar
> Variable actuator speed and limit switch
> Zero power consumption, unless adjusting
> Ability to be fitted to other twin rudder boats
> Can be linked to instruments for adjustment to be displayed
> A simple upgrade for Jeanneau Sun Fast; 3200, 3300 & 3600
> Wired on deck, IPX68 waterproof buttons allow remote adjustment
Available in two versions, the standard E BAR and the E BAR S. The E BAR S features an installed adjustment sensor providing instrument read out to accurately know what setting of toe in or out you have adjusted too.  The read out allows repeatable settings to be quickly and easily achieved.
With the rudder settings fed into the B&G, NEXUS, NKE or Garmin navigation systems the levels of rudder toe can be logged against your other data allowing post race performance analysis and optimisation. 
More information and latest pricing can be found in the Spec Sheet in the  E-Bar Download Area below.


> Jeanneau Sun Fast 3200, 3300 and 3600
>JPK: 1010, 10.30 and 1180 
Custom bars created for other twin rudder designs outside of the Jeanneau Sun Fast range and JPK boats.