The Offshore Academy
Type: Sponsorship
The Offshore Academy was created in 2010 to help develop; short-handed, offshore sailing in the UK. Training and racing on a fleet of strict one-design Figaro yachts, for a decade a squad of promising young sailors were put through their paces. From weather planning, navigation, nutrition and boat maintenance to understanding the wider world of sponsorship and corporate support of sailing, the Academy creates a rounded and extensive training programme. Since 2010 the Academy has provided 36 entries to the world’s leading, annual solo sailing race ‘La Solitaire du Figaro’ and notched up some of the best British results in the competition competing on the 2,000 mile, four-stage event. Fourth Cape has been involved with the Academy from its conception and took total control of operations and management in 2016 looking after all aspects of the Academy. With a Mixed, Double-Handed, Offshore medal tabled for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, The Offshore Academy has the platform, assets, skills and experience to support sailors.

Year: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020