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A sports management company specialising in sailing for private individuals and commercial sponsors.

Fourth Cape is a sports marketing company that strives to make big ideas a practical reality, delivering ambitious and commercially-successful sporting projects.

Developing and managing Britain's only centre of excellence for offshore sailing 'The Offshore Academy', Fourth Cape utilises its Project Management expertise to deliver commercial Projects around offshore and inshore sailing. Drawing on a wealth of knowledge and over 40 years experience in the sailing sector Fourth Cape have Advised International Governing Bodies on the creation of bold new events, Brands on the activation strategy of sailing campaigns and private individuals around custom projects making Fourth Cape the perfect independent consultants for future projects.

Who we are

The team at Fourth Cape are bound by a spirit of adventure and thirst for taking on a challenge. Together they have unrivalled experience in the sport of sailing, having managed projects including Dame Ellen MacArthur’s world record circumnavigation of the globe and the creation of Britain’s first ever offshore sailing academy, tasked with developing the next generation of top-level international sailors.

Becci Barrie

Operations Manager

Nick Cherry

Sailor & Project Manager

Who we work with

Work with us

If you have a project you would like to discuss please get in touch with us: