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Becci Barrie

Operations Manager


Becci manages operations across Fourth Cape’s projects and is responsible for the day-to-day running of The Offshore Academy. Previously Becci was a host venue manager for the Extreme Sailing Series, worked with the 35th America’s Cup in Bermuda in 2017 and has organised conferences across the sports industry, specialising in sports analytics and technology.

Becci grew up sailing in dinghies from the age of four, was an elite-level junior swimmer and in her spare time plays hockey in the national league and enjoys distance swimming and running.

Redshift – Figaro

Redshift – Figaro Redshift is a privately funded team that has held a partnership with Nick Cherry from 2014, supporting Nick for three of his five year Figaro campaign.   Fourth Cape provides campaign support and management along with overseeing the administration of the campaign budget, enabling Nick to focus on the important job of competing.

Henry Bomby – Sailor

Henry Bomby – Sailor Supporting professional sailor Henry Bomby, Fourth Cape manage many commercial aspects of Henry’s campaign. From contract negotiations, establishing and managing commercial partnerships to communication elements such as PR and social media helping to grow Henry’s public profile. Whilst Henry is at sea and competing in the Volvo Ocean Race the Fourth Cape team…


Tirion – Race Team New to the sport of sailing and with an interest in the high-performance side of the sport the Fourth Cape team consulted with the client around the choice of class and type of campaign to be involved with. In 2017 the J70 was decided as the platform to begin learning the skills…

World Sailing

World Sailing As consultants to World Sailing the Fourth Cape team advised sailings governing body on a submission to the IOC for the 2020 Olympic Games.  Utilising Fourth Cape’s extensive experience in curating, running and delivering events an event plan, proposal and budget were worked up to support the submission of a bold new shorthanded, offshore…

Work with us

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